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Linggo, Hulyo 22, 2012

Plains and Prints + Liz Uy

Last Tuesday night Liz Uy tagged me in her IG account, saying that I was one of the lucky girls who will be able to attend and witness the Plains and Prints + Liz Uy's Party at PRIVE Luxury Bar. Honestly, I was shocked when I saw her post since  I couldn't remember what I have done to be in her list. I guess this is a bit of a luck or shall I say an answered prayer from above....ahmmm i'll vote for the latter of course!
Excited enough with the news I got, I invited and asked Yammy ( one of my sisses)  if she could accompany me at the party 'coz my bf was too busy (making excuses about it hahahaha). She accepted my invitation, and we rush off at our place and find the best dress that we could have and wear it. The mood was already set, but unfortunately the rain pours down and planned to ruin it! Oh no! this shouldn't be like this, in my mind  I was actually praying for the rain to stop. I will not let this heavy downpour ruin my night, a memorable night in the making.  As soon as we enter our cab, a sudden pump of blood rush into my heart... a sign of excitement which I couldn't contain maybe. We arrived at the place and my excitement continues to flow in my body ( a little bit exaggerated but I think these are the right words that could express my feelings that night). The place was a little bit small yet descent and spacious.  We looked at our names in the guest list and to our surprise were not included!...Oh c'mon I'm just joking. Liz Uy wouldn't post like that in her IG if she's not serious about it. Again I thank her for this: Yam Idica and Isachar Bernaldez are in the GUEST LIST! 

What I wore: Tube Dress from People are People and Pumps from Payless
What Yam wore: Dress and furry belt from Folded and Hung and Pumps from Payless
We were happy to meet Friendly People: HI GEM!
What Belvedere Vodka had to offer! Yum Yum
Ize with Patricia Prieto
Ize with Laureen Uy
Ize with Andre Judd 
Ize with Liz Uy! <3
The Uys
Mond Gutierrez, Liz Uy, and fashion designer  Rhett Eala
We had so much fun because of my  two Fs = Friends & Fashions !
To conclude my night, Learn to enjoy and live an IZE life :)
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Sabado, Hulyo 21, 2012

Chic Look from my Cheap Book

I believe that being fashionable need not to be expensive.
When I woke up the weather was sunny so I decided to wear a summer floral dress paired with a leather hand bag... but without looking at Yahoo's weather forecast, I know that it will surely rain....
As a solution, I paired my floral dress with a biker jacket and slip in my plastic flats... and TADAAA!! my Chic look!!
I realize this chic look are all from my cheap book!! THESE STUFF ARE SO SULIT!!
  1. Summer Floral Dress from Green hills worth less than 400
  2. Biker Jacket from Green hills worth less than 800
  3. Jessica Grey Plastic Flats from SM Department Store worth less than 200
  4. Leather Brown Hand Bag from a 2nd hand store worth less than 400

Got my chic Look from my Cheap Book!

Enjoy and live an Ize life!!

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Biyernes, Hulyo 20, 2012

Life is Pink

Last Monday, I had a lecture at Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila School. I was in a hurry so I just grab some of my "safest" clothes in the closest. I never thought the whole look will turn out this great!
Well, Life is Pink :)
Enjoy and live an IZE life....
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It is fun to Study

Studying is defined as personal effort to gain knowledge. (
Yes, all of us want to learn, BUT studying can be BORING especially when you have no interest in the subject. So here are IZE tips:
  1. Think Positive (ang pangit na NEGA ka sa simula then NEGA pa ung dulo, mas ok na POSITIVE sa simula at bahala na ung kinalabasan ng exam)
  2. Learn to Love It (Maraming nagagawa ang PAG-IBIG at alam mo yan)
  3. Set a mood (ihanda ang sarili sa kahit anung paraan bago mag-aral)
Sometimes I set the mood... I drink coffee or tea, clean my study table and wear comfortable clothes.
Today is my study day, so I wore my comfy and fave clothes:

Meet my Herbench travel bag. She carries all my kikay kit, lappy, books and even  heels without any complaints. By the way, she was born in Manila.

Meet my 1st boyfriend in college, Leithold. And right now I'm trying to win back his heart!
It is fun to Study when you look Pretty... trust me <3
Enjoy and live an Ize life!!

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Huwebes, Hulyo 19, 2012

The New Kid in Town (DoYouDare)

You can never go wrong with Jeans-and-boots combo-outfit this rainy season. So I paired my Black Skinny Jeans from Penshoppe with my old Platform Boots. 
For a cold weather, I decided to use my dark Blue Navy Leather Jacket and adding up some silver accessories to make my whole top-----> ROCK.
I also tried adding some exciting colors to make (the bad girl) me look more chic... so I wore a colorful tank (got this tank from a cute shop at NAGA City) to brighten up the emo outfit.
Lastly, putting on some make up.
Everyday I use my favorite Pure Foundation from Maybelline.The mineral powder shows flawless finish and gives natural glow. It is best suited for me since it is  talc-free, so I don't end up having skin allergies :) 
So bye!! I'm off to show off my look! 
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Enjoy and live an Ize life!!